Rishi Giri [Reblog CS]

Plans for The Odin Project

I won’t lie, things aren’t going as I planned, but I’m still positive that I’ll be able to finish the FreeCodeCamp Curriculum before October. The excuse for being slow is the so-called “procrastination”. Since I’ve started to focus on my health, it’s a bit hard to give a proper amount of time to everything I’m doing. I feel completely exhausted... Read more

FreeCodeCamp in 120-150 Days

Is it possible to finish FreeCodeCamp in four-five months? To be honest, I have no idea, but I’m willing to give it a try. If I talk about my studies, everything is going fine! I get stuck, a lot, but what I can do? It’s a part of the journey, and I’m okay with it. In worst cases, I get frustrated, but again, I get back to my things. So, why F... Read more

Python Resources

Some good Python Books! Right now, I’m just adding books. Maybe in future, I can add blogs and tutorials, but for now, this list is enough to learn and understand Python in a really nice way. Stage 1 Learn Python 3 : The Hard Way Starting Out Python Think Like A Computer Scientist Stage 2 ... Read more

Phase One - Self Note

Books for Phase One Studies. I haven’t prepared any time-table, and neither I know how much time it’s going to take. And let’s be honest - this is a big list of topics, so its definitely going to take some quality amount of time. The only reason I’m not mentioning sites and tutorials in this post is because it’s hard to select a few. Also, the... Read more


I love Computers, and I love Computer Science, but I always feel like I’ve extremely less knowledge about it and it’s various branches. On a lighter note, I’m not a beginner, and I’m not in the section of people who study Computer Science for the sake of a job, but the level of knowledge I hold is not enough for me. I want to study more. I desir... Read more