Rishi Giri [Reblog CS]


I love Computers, and I love Computer Science, but I always feel like I’ve extremely less knowledge about it and it’s various branches. On a lighter note, I’m not a beginner, and I’m not in the section of people who study Computer Science for the sake of a job, but the level of knowledge I hold is not enough for me. I want to study more. I desire to know deeper.

A few things that I enjoy other than writing code is understanding how things work under the hood, and I’ve created riblog to put everything I’ll learn and discover during my studies.

At current, I’m not sure what you’ll get to read. It isn’t an attempt or a place to teach others about anything. This place will be more like a arena of “Self Notes”, where I’ll write down things for the sake of understanding them better.

This blog will be all about Mathematics, Programming Languages (C, C++, Python, and JavaScript), Data Structure & Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems(Linux), Computer Security, Compilers, and Networking.

I hope this place grows content-wise, and I hope you and I get to learn something new!