Rishi Giri [Reblog CS]

Plans for The Odin Project

I won’t lie, things aren’t going as I planned, but I’m still positive that I’ll be able to finish the FreeCodeCamp Curriculum before October. The excuse for being slow is the so-called “procrastination”. Since I’ve started to focus on my health, it’s a bit hard to give a proper amount of time to everything I’m doing.

I feel completely exhausted when I come home in the morning because of my +90 minutes of brisk walking. I’m hoping that when I get used to this habit, I’ll be able to dedicate more time studying instead of uselessly resting during the day. Also, I’m still on medications, so it’s important for me to focus on my health as I’m not willing to take any further risk regarding anything. It sucks to be sick and unhealthy.

Anyway, keeping the problems aside, since everything is going “okay”, I’m planning to finish The Odin Project’s curriculum when I’m done with FreeCodeCamp Projects.

The type of course they provide is really good. Also, with stable speed, I’ll be able to complete the curriculum within 3 months. There is one thing to understand here is that - I don’t underestimate any courses, I overestimate myself. I’m positive that I can finish things in the decided time, but if I’m not able to do it, at least, I’ll be somewhere far from the place where I might have been if I’d have gone with a regular pace.

So, there are seven sections in The Odin Project’s curriculum.

Ruby Programming and Ruby on Rails are going to be something new to me as I’ve never paid much attention to this language before. So, my main focus will be to get my hands dirty with the two sections.

I’m sure that I’ll spend a quality amount of time with The Odin Project because I’m genuinely curious to learn what they are offering.

Taking about the deadline, I’m willing to start TOP from October and finish it till December. So, I’ll give around 90+ days for it.

Let’s hope for the best. Nothing is impossible. Isn’t it something people usually say?